June 04, 2018
Your Guide to a Unicorn Themed Sweet Table

In case you missed it, adorable Kardashian cousins North and Penelope celebrated their birthdays over the weekend with a magical unicorn themed party. 

One of the highlights, as featured on Kim K's Instagram, was a sweet table filled with unicorn themed goodies. We used our sleuthing skills to break down everything you need to know about creating an over-the-top unicorn sweet table. Here's what we found!  

Unicorn Cake. What came first? The unicorn pool floatie or the unicorn cake?

This cake is from Hamilton's very own Cake & Loaf Bakery. Here's the exact cake that North and Penelope had at their birthday, complete with rainbow layers and candy explosion, Cara the Unicorn Cake
We identified the following treats on North and P's sweet table.  
Unicorn Donuts 
Unicorn Cupcake Cones
Unicorn Horn Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Unicorn Chocolate Covered Oreos


We also noticed some sort of unicorn stacked mini donuts, marshmallow bars, and rice krispie treats. Here are the inspiration photos we captured. 

For the table decor they used a variety of cake stands, rustic wood baskets painted white, a unicorn stuffed animal, a rainbow table runner and a mix of unicorn and cloud plates. We found these cute ones at Party City, Happy Cloud Plates, mix them with their Unicorn Plates to get a similar look. 
The list of unicorn themed treats that we found online is seriously never ending! Here are a few BONUS ones that you can add to your sweet table. 
Unicorn Cake Pops 
Unicorn Sugar Cookies 
Unicorn Macarons
Have we mentioned UNICORNS? We hope you enjoyed this party inspiration. Let us know what you think! 
With Love, Haley
Haley Quitt

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