October 01, 2019
Woodland Inspired Baby Names

Woodland inspiration is everywhere in the baby world from nursery decor, baby showers, birthday parties, clothing, toys and accessories. So we thought we'd explore this trend for baby names.

This list brings together some of our favourite names at the moment. Enjoy! 

For Girls 

Aspen We know it as the ski destination in Colorado but it's also the name of a beautiful tree with heart shaped leaves.


Wren English origin name meaning little songbird


Zara Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning to blossom


Luna Italian origin meaning moon, we think it fits in nicely on this list. 

Hazel Reminds us of woodsy colours and is also a tree name. 

For Boys *most of these are unisex 




Silus Latin origin name meaning wood, forest. 


Ash Tree name and also makes you think of a nice bonfire 

Rowan Scottish, Irish origin meaning little redhead, derived from a tree with red berries


Name origins are sourced from Nameberry.com. What do you think of this list? Share your thoughts with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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Haley Quitt

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