March 12, 2018
Welcome to With Love, the ketzel blog!

Welcome to With Love, the ketzel blog! 

If you're reading this, I bet we have a lot in common already. This past year I was blessed to become a mom, a journey that has been inspiring, empowering, challenging, and heart exploding in unimaginable ways. 

One of my favourite and probably most necessary parts of motherhood is sharing it with my friends. From those I've known for 20 years, to friends I just met after becoming a mama. That's what this blog is all about, it's our little corner for ideas and inspiration on everything from pregnancy, baby names, gift giving, celebrating, and more. 

So I hope you'll meet me here every week for a brand new post. Connect with me by leaving a comment below, on Instagram, Facebook. Also, please don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on exclusive updates, discounts and more! 

If you have thoughts or ideas you want to share with me privately, email me anytime at I look forward to chatting with you. 

With Love, Haley

Haley Quitt

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