March 12, 2020
Uppababy Vista Stroller and Mesa Car Seat Review - Detailed 3 YEAR REVIEW from a Mom of Two

I get checked out a LOT! By other moms... wanting to know one thing. How do you like your Uppababy Vista stroller? My typical response: I love it! I've been using it for almost 3 years, I've put a TON of mileage on it, traveled with it, never had a problem. 


  • Putting together the stroller could not have been easier. I admit I enjoy assembling things from IKEA but I promise it's foolproof
  • Opening and closing any stroller, removing the seat WILL take some practice - this stroller is no exception. I did find that after explaining it once, it's never a problem. This is key for grandparents, caregivers
  • Stroller comes with bassinet and toddler seat, bug net, rain guard which are all straightforward to use



  • Bassinet is very spacious, sleep approved - so you don't need to bring anything else. If baby falls asleep just bring it into the house
  • The mattress is soft and breathable, seems comfortable
  • The entire inside of the bassinet including mattress cover and walls can be unzipped easily to remove and clean



  • Toddler seat is fabulous! It has a full range of motion from super upright to laying completely flat. The seat is suitable for baby as soon as you feel they're ready, the shoulder straps can adjust accordingly 
  • The canopy and extended sun shade provide lots of coverage 
  • Canopy has a peep through window so you can look in on sleeping baby 
  • Zipper pouch on the back of the seat to store keys, cell phone




  • This stroller is large, it can look pretty cumbersome. But I can tell you after strollering nearly everywhere with this thing - I've never once had an issue fitting into a doorway, crowded restaurant... 
  • It's a bit heavy to lift in and out of my trunk and can get tiring if you're going in and out of stores etc. 
  • Reclining the toddler seat is super easy on the wrist, can do it with one hand and a coffee in the other 



  • The undercarriage is very large (I have the 2017 model) and can fit a full grocery shop, tons of packages when I'm heading to the post office
  • Extremely easy to clean. The material is very durable and dries quickly 
  • Ben loves it. He LIVED in the stroller for the first 6 months of his life. I walked for 2 - 3 hours a day with him. He also loves to walk BUT at almost 3 years old he can still sit comfortably in the toddler seat and enjoys it 
  • LARGE wheels make this stroller glide easily on sidewalks, curbs... 
  • Stroller seat can be put facing you or facing forward for a change of scenery 




  • We purchased the Mesa Car Seat. It seamlessly clicks off of the base and onto the stroller frame. This comes in handy when baby falls asleep en route to the grocery store...  


  • You need BOTH the UPPER and LOWER adapters. I ordered them on Amazon and received them the next day - just in time to get Ben from school. It took me about 30 seconds to pop them on the stroller with the instructions. 



  • It is heavy, not going to lie. It is wide - definitely not a jogging stroller, things to consider if you're living in a small space or plan on cruising on rough terrain
  • As a double stroller - obviously you can't see the baby when both seats are on, but you can peek over it didn't bother me. I used the bassinet and toddler seat for a while and now am using the car seat and toddler seat - the car seat is not included, this is a separate purchase. 
  • The Mesa car seat doesn't have a sun protector so while I am using it right now - this will be an issue now that Shiloh is getting bigger (she's currently 9 months old) 
  • I never found a great way to store a coffee. The cupholder attachment didn't work well and neither did the parent organizer - both of these accessories have been discontinued 

OVERALL. For a mom of two who is strollering hard to daycare drop off and pick up, in and out of coffee shops with a one handed swoosh - this stroller has been my BFF over the past 3 years. 

I will be looking at getting the skateboard attachment. I think Ben will love it. 

I may also be looking into getting a side by side double stroller as my kids grow. But I certainly feel I've gotten a lot of use out of this stroller and will continue to get use out of it.

Happy strolling mamas! 

*Our stroller was purchased at West Coast Kids. *Upon linking this post I noticed the Uppababy Vista V2 now available for pre-order - this model seems to solve a lot of the cons I mentioned. 

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