October 30, 2018
The Easiest Last Minute Baby Halloween Costumes

Just had a baby and not planning to dress them up? But then you decide at the last minute that it might be kinda fun? We got you! Here are the BEST and easiest last minute costume ideas for your little one. 

Baby Frida

You can do a version of this for your newborn. All you need is eyeliner (unibrow), a colourful outfit, and any floral hair piece. You can get some fake flowers from the dollar store if you feel like getting crafty. 

80's Workout Babe 
This costume is almost too easy... and too cute! 
Burrito Boy (or Girl) 
This one is totally up to your own creativity. Use a beige towel, some aluminum foil, you can even add real lettuce if you want. Guac is extra! 
I Love Mummy, Mummy! (hehe) 
Have toilet paper? A white onesie or hat? Done. 
Sushi Rolls (get it? baby rolls?) 
There's a ton of inspiration for this costume online. It does involve a little bit of work, but so worth it! 
Biker Bae 
This is equally cute for boys and girls! All you need is a bandana and a little creativity. 
Baby at Tiffany's 
Fabulous, darling! An iconic look that only requires black sunglasses, pearls and any black wardrobe items. 
Baby O' Lantern 
Just. Plain. Cute. But also be careful carving (mom voice), make sure you have a plan and the right tools to avoid a stressful situation. Perfect for a quick photo opp. 
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