October 12, 2018
S Names for Girls with Beautiful Meanings

This week we're inspired by so many beautiful S names for girls that have equally beautiful meanings. There's lots to discuss, so let's get right into it. 

If you're looking for a biblical name or a spin on a traditional name like the Hebrew origin name Sara, you might want to consider, 

  • Sadie which is a Hebrew origin variation of Sara meaning princess
  • Suri is also a Hebrew variation of princess, as well as a Persian origin name meaning rose, and Sanskrit origin name meaning the sun
  • Shai (pronounced Shy) is of Hebrew origin meaning gift

Three very popular names in the shop, all with beautiful Latin origin meanings include,

  • Serena meaning tranquil, serene
  • Selena meaning moon goddess
  • Stella meaning star 

The name Scarlett holds a steady spot in the Top 20 most popular names, it's strongest association of course to the colour red. You might also like the names, 

  • Sienna meaning orange, red colour, this is how the historic Tuscan city of Siena got it's name 
  • Sage meaning wise, think of the common phrase sage advice. It's also of course an herb used for cooking, has strong medicinal healing powers, and you may have heard of people burning sage to clear negative energy 

If you're looking for something less traditional, these names all share either occupational or literary associations which we think are perfect for a strong and beautiful girls name, 

  • Sawyer *unisex, English origin name literally meaning woodcutter and of course a connection to Marc Twain's classic character from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 
  • Saylor or Sailor an occupational name of course connected to sailing, we think that's pretty beautiful 
  • Scout another strong literary name, nickname to the loveable heroine of To Kill a Mockingbird

What do you think of these names? Let us know in the comments right here on the blog, on Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email at haley@ketzelbaby.com.

With Love, Haley

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