March 16, 2020
10 Things to do at Home While Pregnant and Social Distancing

First time expectant mamas - I can imagine this is a very stressful time with the added concern of coronavirus. If you're currently isolating or just super pregnant, take a break from googling and try some of these activities: 

  • Clean out your computer, emails and cell phone.
  • Sort through old photos from life up until baby. Make the online albums you've been procrastinating of your travels or other big life events.
  • Create a spa bubble bath. Light a few candles. No bath? You can still create a romantic spa evening with massages, some essential oils, mood lighting and music. 
  • Order some adult colouring books and some fun markers. This pairs quite well with TV watching. 
  • Find a recipe online for an at home facial or hair mask. 
  • Have a virtual girls night in. All you need is your favourite movie and video chat! 
  • Make some playlists of music you want to listen to with baby 
  • Catch up on the phone with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. I did this the other day and spent an hour laughing and reminiscing. 
  • Sleep! Easier said than done, I know.
  • When all else fails, find a binge-worthy series with a lot of seasons and episodes. 

*This post has been repurposed from 10 Things To Do At Home When You're Super Pregnant. Thinking of all of you beautiful pregnant mamas! xo

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