August 22, 2018
Family Packing Tips + Sample Toddler List

I'm a bit nuts when it comes to packing. My friends make fun of me and ask me for my packing lists because they know. But I love it because I come prepared, avoid meltdowns and enjoy stress free travel days. 

Last week I mentioned Cory and I are going on our first parents getaway, woo! So I'm packing up for our trip and also for Benny to go for sleepovers with both sets of grandparents - he's a lucky boy! 

My tips for an organized packing experience.  

  • MAKE A LIST. Start at least a week in advance. Make a list of everything you need. Keep it in your phone so it's always accessible. Once you have it, you can always use the same one and adjust as needed. 
  • TAKE STOCK + RUN ERRANDS. Go through and look at everything you want to bring, set the items aside if you want. This will help you discover if you need to buy anything. Make your shopping list. Yep, I like lists.
  • PACK. The day or two before your trip, pack everything. Carry on's are a must for short tips - this is mandatory in our family. Even for longer trips. You can do it!
  • EDIT. The day of travel, go through and pull out items you know you probably won't need. It's always good to leave extra room for shopping, but really that's what Cory's suitcase is for.
  • LAST MINUTE ITEMS LIST. There's things you can't pack until the morning of, example: cell phone charger, baby's lovey. Keep a list of those items and check it off before you leave the house. 


Sample Toddler Packing List, Weekend Trip 

Everyone's list is different of course. To make things easy for our parents I did the following:

  • SNACKS, I put together a bag of all his favourite pantry snacks and meals like mac and cheese. 
  • GROCERY LIST, even though they already know, I sent a list of easy toddler meals and a small shopping list of what to have on hand which they appreciated. 
  • SCHEDULE, I also gave them a little schedule so they know when he likes his bottles but nothing they have to follow necessarily. I printed this off and put it in his snack bag. 
  • MEDICAL, I included his health card in his toiletry bag, and the number to his doctor's office. If your little one is going through anything at the moment, like teething, just mention what the signs are and what to do. 


Here's Ben's packing list for the weekend, it's a LOT shorter now that he's a toddler. YAY! 


bunny lovey

night light  

*You might also need pack and play, sound machine, sleep sack, blankies...


diapers + wipes 

baby wash + lotion

baby towel + wash cloths 

some bath toys  


sippy cups 

dishes + cutlery 



pantry stuff, baby snacks + pouches 


some favourite toys 

booster seat 


swimming diapers 

water shoes  



car seat 

car mirror


t-shirts + shorts *2 sets for each day 

sweat suits 

shoes + socks 


bathing suits 






health card 

Let me know if you found these tips helpful or if you have any secret tips. Share with us in the comments below, on Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email at

I hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer! With Love, Haley

Haley Quitt

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