July 16, 2018
How to Take Better Photos of your Baby

Like most parents, I love taking a million pics of Ben on my cell phone. I'm certainly not an expert but I've picked up some helpful tips along the way. So, here are my BASIC tips to seriously elevate your baby photography. 

LIGHTING. If you have good lighting you're 90% of the way there. It's all about natural light, so find the rooms in your house that get the most natural light. Just in case, natural light means daylight - I told you these tips were basic! 

BACKGROUND. Next time you're taking a photo of baby, do a quick background check. Push any weird clutter to the side, like just move that pile of clothes out of the shot. 

Pro Tip! Setting up a gorgeous background is as easy as laying down a blanket or a sheet. A nice rug or baby's play mat also do the trick.

GET OUTSIDE. Warmer weather is here! Hallelujah! So combine the above tips and get outside. Natural light? Check. Gorgeous backgrounds? Check. 

BACK IT UP. Yes I know, baby's just TOO sweet and you can't help but get right in there. You don't have to do an extreme close up to get a great photo. Take a step back, it will give your photo a better overall framing and composition. WOAH getting technical over here! 

GET ON THEIR LEVEL. Capturing a great smile or even a candid shot is much more impactful when you get on the floor and shoot from baby's perspective. 

KEEP IT SIMPLE. This applies to props and for getting smiles. Baby's all dressed up but not cooperating? Throw in one of their favourite toys, let them interact and enjoy while you snap away. If you have someone with you, let them hold up baby's favourite toy or sing their favourite song and BOOM you've got smiles. 

Pro tip! Something that always works during ketzel photoshoots is the surprise or peek a boo game. "...I'm gonna get you! BOO!" Works like a charm. 

CLEAN YOUR LENS.  Before you take a photo, simply give your lens a wipe. Especially if you have a little one that loves to play with your phone. This of course will make sure your photo isn't blurry. 

That's it! No filters, apps, or fancy equipment needed. 

Did you find these tips helpful? Drop me a line in the comments or get in touch on Instagram and Facebook, you can also email me anytime at haley@ketzelbaby.com. 

With Love, Haley

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Haley Quitt

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