March 21, 2023
Freshly Picked Spring Baby Names 2023
🌷Every year we strive to bring you freshly picked baby names as we head into spring! 
We love classic and popular names, but if you’re looking for some name alternative ideas, read on!
If you love the name River - 
Try Rio (Spanish origin for River), Rowan, Sea, Sawyer, Fisher, Romy or Saylor.  
If you love names like Rosie and Lily - 
Try Leila or Leilani (Hawaiian origin for heavenly flower), Ainslie, Junie, Billie, Daisy, Poppy or Claire.  
If you love the name Blue - 
Try Bloom, Hazel, Moon, Indi, Jet, Dover or Sky. 
If you love the name Arlo - 
Try Bodhi, Phoenix, Fox, Finn, Ever, Elijah or Milo. 
What do you think? Which names are your favourite? 

Leila or Leilani, Hawaiian origin 'heavenly flower'

Bodhi, Sanskrit origin 'awakening, enlightenment'

Rio, Spanish origin 'river'

Hazel, English origin 'hazelnut tree'


Ainslie, Scottish origin 'one's own meadow'

Phoenix, symbolizes rebirth and transformation

Bloom or Blossom

Indi or Indigo, colour name 

Junie (Juniper), Latin origin 'young tree' 



Haley Quitt

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