October 16, 2022

Fall just makes me crave the delicious combo of broccoli and cheddar!

These egg bites are SO easy to make, they came out so fluffy and savoury.

The best part, my whole family can enjoy these - including my 9 month old baby. 

Here's the recipe I followed --> Broccoli Cheddar Egg Bites 


EGGS - I had to add a bunch of eggs to fill the tray. So just FYI you may need some extra eggs on hand - or just fill half the tray for a smaller batch. 

BROCCOLI - This recipe suggests microwaving the broccoli. I steamed mine, this makes it much easier to pinpoint exactly when the broccoli is ready. It should turn a bright vibrant green colour. Broccoli should be crunchy when going into the oven not mushy. 

PAPER LINERS - I used paper liners because I wanted to be able to grab and go in the car. I would definitely recommend giving them a quick spray to avoid sticking. 

SALT + PEPPER - I was making mine baby + toddler friendly so I only used a pinch of salt and skipped pepper. 

CHEDDAR - I would recommend going with a better quality cheddar for this recipe. I used an aged sharp cheddar. 

Enjoy! xo

Haley Quitt

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