October 01, 2018
My Fall Fun To Do List!

Fall is my favourite time of year. I'm celebrating the season with this list of classic activities to put on your to-do list. Enjoy! 

  •  APPLE PICKING - Had lots of fun at our second annual family trip to The Apple Orchard with our adorable niece. So much to do there and SO delish. 
    • BAKE A PIE FROM SCRATCH - I say this every year, but I never do it. It's my goal to bake a pie completely from scratch, pretty lattice top included! 
    • FIGURE OUT HALLOWEEN COSTUMES - Last year was pretty adorable (see photo here) and I definitely am living my Halloween goals through my children. Yes I'm THAT mom. If you want to DIY something super easy, try these ideas.   
    • DECORATE FOR HALLOWEEN -  This will be our third Halloween in our Hamilton house. Looking forward to walking around with Ben - we'll probably just take him to our friends houses again. 
      • STOCK UP ON INDOOR ACTIVITIES - Cooler temps mean we need to be prepared for lots of at home entertainment. 
      • PLAN A FAMILY PHOTO - We don't have any real family photos with all for of us (selfies don't count) and I NEED to fix this immediately. 
      • HOST A GATHERING - I used to entertain all the time, and now I just don't. It would be nice to say I'm going to host a dinner party, but we'll see! You can also just invite nearby friends and neighbours over for morning coffee and cookies, or host an easy pancake breakfast.
      • WRITE IN MY BABY JOURNAL - this is too long overdue! I'm sad about it. Have yet to write one for baby Shiloh. :( 
      • ENJOY FALL! Go on lots of walks and play in the leaves. 
      What's on your fall to do list? Share with me on Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email at haley@ketzelbaby.com. I love to connect with you. 

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      Haley Quitt

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      • Carolyn Mednick

        Can I be a guest at your dinner party? Hopefully, its the same night you attempt the pretty homemade pie!

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