October 01, 2018
Fall Fun To Do List!

It's hard to believe October is already here. There's so many things we all love about fall, mainly sweater weather and boot season. But with so much going on, it's nice to remind ourselves to enjoy some classic fall activities and family time. So, here's my fall fun to do list. Enjoy!

  •  GO APPLE PICKING - Since I still consider myself new to Hamilton, I'm looking forward to discovering places like The Apple Orchard
    • BAKE A PIE FROM SCRATCH - I say this every year, but I never do it. It's my goal to bake a pie completely from scratch, pretty lattice top included! 
    • FIND BEN A HALLOWEEN COSTUME + A FAMILY COSTUME - I have no idea what he's going to be this year, and we're going to a Halloween birthday party that we need a family costume for. I've already dropped into Party City, probably will check out Marshall's and Amazon. Value Village also has a huge selection of new and used costumes. 
    • GO ON A HAY RIDE AT A PUMPKIN PATCH - Haven't looked into this one yet. Any suggestions are welcome! 
    • DECORATE FOR HALLOWEEN - Last year was our first Halloween in our Hamilton house, I decorated with spider webs and it rained the next day - oops. Looking forward to walking around with Ben this year`- we'll probably just take him to our friends houses. 
      • STOCK UP ON INDOOR ACTIVITIES - I think we're ready for a few more mature activities + cooler temps mean we need to be prepared for lots of at home entertainment. 
      • PLAN A FAMILY PHOTO - Our last family photoshoot was when Ben was 4 months old!
      • HOST A DINNER PARTY - I used to entertain all the time, and now I just don't. It would be nice to say I'm going to host a dinner party, but we'll see! 
      • WRITE IN MY BEN JOURNAL - this is very long overdue! Now that the daycare transition is in full swing, I think I should make time for an entry. 
      • ENJOY FALL! Go on lots of walks and play in the leaves. 
      What's on your fall to do list? Fun things only! Share with me on Instagram, Facebook, or send me an email at haley@ketzelbaby.com. I love to connect with you. 

      With Love, Haley 

      Haley Quitt

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      • Carolyn Mednick

        Can I be a guest at your dinner party? Hopefully, its the same night you attempt the pretty homemade pie!

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