June 07, 2019
Guest Post | Ben's Big Boy Room Reveal
Guest Post by Rebecca Simon of Maison Ellie Interiors

Welcoming a new sibling into the home can be overwhelming for a two year old, so we wanted to give this adventurous boy a special room of his own. With endless features to explore, like a secret playroom closet, cozy reading nook and activity table, there’s definitely no shortage of fun here!

We integrated a love for cars through the use of artwork, toys, bedding and striped wall decals which resemble car tracks.

Keeping the colour palette very soft by integrating various tones of blue, natural wood and some pops of black, ensures the space has legs to grow.

I just love all the layers of texture sprinkled throughout the space. Now explore away little one… on your mark, get set, go! 


Photography by Rebecca Simon 


Where are the rug and bookshelves from in the nook?

I sourced this rug from Wayfair and love how it helps to ground the nook. I knew a round rug would work best for this area but finding one that measured 4ft in diameter was challenging. The bookshelves were a find from Target, and work especially well in this nook because they aren’t very deep!  

Where is the wallpaper from in the nook? 

These are actually decals! They were super easy to stick on and are removable. Decals are the perfect “less permanent” option to wallpaper, if you’re not quite ready to commit to something more permanent. I wanted to work with Ben’s love for cars, and like how these matchstick stripes from The Lovely Wall Co. resemble car tire tracks! A more mature way to tie in the room’s theme without literally applying car decals on the walls.

Where is the bed from? Where is the bed rail from? 

The bed and bed rail are from IKEA! I love this daybed option for Ben’s room because it could be placed along the wall and still allow for lots of space to run around and play. We wanted his new room to be an adventurous space he would be excited about, as this family was welcoming a new sibling into the home. So giving him a comfortable open-space where he can set up a train track or build blocks was really important. 

Love those hooks! Where are they from?

The little bamboo hooks are from IKEA. I wanted to include hooks in Ben’s secret playroom so he could hang bags, costumes or hats and easily access them! These are great because they have a low and safe profile, so I know they won’t be dangerous for his little eyes. 

How do you design a smaller size room shared by a girl and a boy? 

There are tons of ways to make a smaller-sized room work for siblings. First of all, if age permits a bunk bed is a must! Try to also maximize closet space and organization by using small storage solutions. This can help remove the need for a large clunky dresser. I also always recommend wall storage like floating book shelves versus a traditional book case in smaller rooms. It helps get stuff off the ground while still being super practical for little ones! As for a colour scheme for the room, go neutral for most of the items and just add a few pops of colour that the kids love and that complement one another. 

Any tips for moving my little one to a bed? When should I be doing this? 

Yes! You can do this anytime after a child’s second birthday, depending on the child’s readiness! Some kid’s aren’t ready until they are 3. A twin daybed is always a solid option for toddlers who are transitioning out of a crib. The familiarity of taller edges along three sides makes it less overwhelming for a child. Also, an added clamped rail from IKEA along the front edge will prevent them from rolling out! Don’t forget to also tuck in the sides of your child’s bedding, this will help them stay securely tucked into bed.

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