February 04, 2019
25 Baby Names Inspired by Valentine's Day!

With Valentine's Day coming up we're inspired to bring you some of our favourite names inspired by LOVE. Enjoy! 

Dove Symbol of love peace and love 

Rosie or Rose

Harper English origin "harp player" how fitting 

Scarlett Beautiful colour name for deep red 

Priya Sanskrit origin "beloved"

Arrow Cupid's arrow! 

Ahava Hebrew origin meaning "love"

Atlas Greek origin "bearer of the heavens"

Ever Word origin, happily ever after, eternal love :) 

Ruby Another colour name perfect for the occasion

Aiko Japanese origin meaning "beloved child"

Paris The city of love 

Esme French, Persian origin meaning "esteemed, beloved" 

Carys Welsh origin meaning "love" 

Aimee French origin name that translates to "loved", pronounce it as Amy or Aim-mée 

Amada Spanish origin meaning "loved" *the name Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes gave their second daughter 

Valentine or Valentina 

Davis/Davi Hebrew origin meaning "beloved", a fresh take on David which has the same meaning 


Juliet or Juliette

Desi Spanish origin meaning "desired one" 

Lennon Irish origin meaning "lover"

Lev Hebrew origin meaning "heart, lion"

Aziz Arabic origin meaning "beloved"

What would this list be without the names Love, Hart.

*All name origin information sourced from Nameberry.com 

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