February 04, 2021
Baby Names Inspired by Bridgerton

It's the most watched Netflix show of all time. I'd say that's a good sign of baby name trends to come. Explore the 'ton' for your little Lady or Lord to be!

Daphne Greek origin meaning 'laurel or bay tree' - a small shrub or evergreen tree

Simon Hebrew origin meaning 'the listener'

Anthony Latin origin meaning 'priceless one'

Cressida Greek origin meaning 'gold' 

Eloise French/English origin meaning 'healthy, wide'

Penelope Greek origin meaning 'weaver'

Siena The historical city in Tuscany 

Benedict Latin origin meaning 'blessed' 

Marina Latin origin meaning 'from the sea'

Colin Irish/Scottish origin meaning 'pup'

Violet Latin origin of the colour purple

Hyacinth Greek origin 'beautiful purple flower' 

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Haley Quitt

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