January 23, 2019
5 Ways to Make your Child's Play Space Functional
Guest Post by Learning Specialist and Behaviour Consultant Cori Stern
Play holds a very important role in a child’s growth & development. Play is a brilliant process that deserves attention and a ton of nurturing. I designated a room in my house for a structured play space to help my children expand their imaginations, develop their creativity, and foster their social communication skills.

Here are my top 5 strategies for setting up a successful & functional play space.


We want our children to develop their imagination, so we have to give kids the opportunity to get creative with their toys and use them in different ways. If you have an abundance of toys, you can rotate them monthly and put some away in storage. It's amazing how a kid reacts when you stash a toy away for a bit then pull it out a month or two later.


Every toy, book, costume, crayon, & stuffed animal needs a home. This builds predictability for kids so they know where to find things when they need them and it also gives them a concrete spot to put things away when it comes time to tidy-up. 


Not every single item needs to be at your child’s disposal. Use the height of your space to put away toys that require adult supervision. For example, board games with little tiny pieces that I don't want going missing or ending up in my dog’s mouth! 


ZIpper-ed bags are my best friend! I love the mesh zip up bags from the good old dollar store. What’s great about having things in bags is when we are heading out for a long drive or to a restaurant I can easily grab one of the bags from our toy room and bring it along with us. 


Deposit bins are key to maintaining an organized space. There are often times when toys make their way out of the playroom and into tiny spaces and crevices around the house. To help manage that mess, I've put "miscellaneous toy bins" in common spaces around the house so we can deposit the toys in them until I have time to put them away in their proper places in the playroom. 


So, if you're wondering where to start, my suggestion is to get 2 big bags. 1 bag for toys you want to donate of or store out of sight and the other bag is for garbage (broken toys or toys with partial pieces).  It’s probably best to tackle this when they aren’t around so you don’t have any interception :)

You’ve got this!

-Cori, www.coristern.com 


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