June 27, 2018
5 Canadian Moms to Follow on Instagram

There's a bunch of moms I like to follow on Instagram - my imaginary mom friends! I have a lot of respect for the way they share their lives and create communities. 

There's many favourites, but in honour of Canada Day weekend here are five Canadian mamas I like to follow on Instagram - and I think you will too!  

Eden Grinshpan Nivron

Mama Stats

  • girl mom of one, dog mom of one
  • chef and restaurateur, television personality 
  • originally from Toronto, now lives in New York City 

What to expect?

Hilarious sing alongs with her husband. Hitting the streets of New York City and behind the scenes of her new restaurant. Real talk from a working mom making it happen, and of course lots of great food! 

Follow her @EdenEats

Ana-Maria Klizs 

Mama Stats 

  • boy mom of three! + a dog, a cat, a vegetable garden
  • full time mama, blogger and storyteller 

What to expect? 

A day in the life of a super busy mom balancing it all, and making time for her own health and fitness journey. She also shares sweet moments with her boys and her philosophies on motherhood, as she says "the images are half the story the truth is in the words". 

Follow her @bluebirdkisses. Follow her healthy lifestyle @bluebird_living

Valeria Lipovetsky 

Mama Stats 

  • boy mom of two, with another boy on the way! 
  • occupation, world domination! 

What to expect?

She's a model and holistic nutritionist sharing a little bit of everything from fashion and beauty, travel, recipes, to developing your self esteem and achieving your goals. She also shares the behind the scenes of her team as she builds her growing social media empire. 

Follow her @ValeriaLipovetsky

Jessi Cruickshank

Mama Stats 

  • boy mama of twins! 
  • television host and personality 

What to expect? 

We still love her from her days on MTV, but now we get to follow her life as a busy talk show host and mama to adorable twin boys Diego and Rio. Did we mention ridiculously DELICIOUS TWIN BABIES! She's a caption queen with hands down the best one liners. 

Follow her @JessiCruickshank

Jillian Harris 

Mama Stats

  • boy mom of one, with a baby girl on the way! dog mom to Nacho 
  • interior designer, television personality, former Bachelorette, blogger 

What to expect? 

Canada's sweetheart sharing her life in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. Her Instagram feed is LIFE GOALS, but her stories give us a completely unedited look into her life. 

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Haley Quitt

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