September 10, 2019
Jewel and Gemstone Inspired Names for Girls

Jewel tones are certainly having a moment right now. I'm so happy because I LOVE bright colours. Jewels and gemstones are precious and beautiful but they're also powerful and magical - just like baby girls. Here's a list of gems and their meanings. Enjoy!

Jade Precious green gemstone said to represent and transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty. 

Ruby Likely the most popular gemstone inspired name on this list. I love it because it reminds me of one of The Wizard of Oz (ruby red slippers). 

Gemma Italian origin name meaning precious stone. 

Esmerelda or Esme This enchanting name is of Spanish and Portuguese origin meaning emerald. 

Pearl Special to me of course! Shiloh's middle name, after Cory's maternal grandmother. I love it. 

Moon A shortened version of Moonstone which is a beautiful metallic stone said to have many healing powers, including restoring energy. 

Bijou The French word for jewel. 

Jasper Persian meaning "treasurer" and also a beautiful red gemstone that is said to provide safety, and absorb negativity. 

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Haley Quitt

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